Address. Magdalen Gates Preschool, Bull Close Road, Norwich NR3 1NG

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Registered Charity Number. 1189861 CIO (Previously 1026278)

Ofsted Registration Number. 544324 (Previously 254166)

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Writing tips...

Tip 1 – Make it fun


·Provide opportunities to write, using a variety of materials

(sand, paint, water, chalk).

·Use ribbon sticks to make large circular and zig zag movements.

·Paint and draw on vertical surfaces.

·Sing and dance to action songs (Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, If You’re Happy & You Know It etc).  

·Go to the park and use various climbing equipment.

·Pop bubble wrap, open and zip up items such as bags and clothing, twist and open containers with lids.

·Make playdough and practise prodding, pushing, rolling and moulding.


Tip 2 – Model


·Make sure your child sees you writing.

·Compose an email/text/letter together.

·Make words together using magnetic letters.

·Make up a story together about one of their toys. You write for them, repeating the sentences as you write. When complete they can draw pictures to go with it.

·Buy stickers of a favourite film or TV programme – and make a book about it.

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