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Registered Charity Number. 1189861 CIO (Previously 1026278)

Ofsted Registration Number. 544324 (Previously 254166)

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Reading tips...

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Tip 1 – Talk


·Tell family stories about yourself, your child's grandparents, and other relatives.

·Talk to your child as much as possible about things you are doing and thinking.

·Ask your child to tell you about his or her day – about activities and games played.

·Sing songs and nursery rhymes, encouraging your child to join in.


Tip 2 – Make Reading Fun  


·Read with drama and excitement! Use different voices for different characters in the story.

·Use your child's name instead of a character's name.

·Make puppets and use them to act out a story.

·Read stories that have repetitive parts and encourage your child to join in.

·Point to words as you read them. This will help your child make a connection between the words he or she hears you say and the words on the page.

·Read all kinds of material – stories, poems, information books, magazine and newspaper articles.

·Visit the library and borrow some books.


Tip 3 – Model


·Read recipes, food labels, schedules, maps, instructions, and brochures.

·Read traffic signs and signs in stores and restaurants.

·Look up information in cookbooks, manuals, phone books, atlases, and dictionaries.

·Read greeting cards, letters, and e-mail messages to and from relatives and friends.

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