Address. Magdalen Gates Preschool, Bull Close Road, Norwich NR3 1NG

Tel. 01603 665783          Email. [email protected]


Registered Charity Number. 1189861 CIO

Ofsted Registration Number. 544324

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Magdalen Gates Preschool is a registered charity and is run by an elected management committee and governed by a constitution.  The constitution lists the rules by which the group runs, although we also have to comply with laws such as employment law.  The constitution is available to look at on the noticeboard.


As the Preschool is a charity, it is reviewed by the Charity Commission, and all committee members are trustees of the charity for the Charity Commission.

Trustees are invited to attend our committee meetings once a half term.

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Our Committee Members are:

Emma Ainger

Victoria Chenery

Katie Doherty

Freya Penn

Tanya Stagg